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Sunday, November 3, 2013

My urban Queen Look

This is 1 of my favorite looks. I've always been inspired by 80's and 90's era. I also have this thing for urban looks so this is my urban queen looks. I love the baseball jersey trend and couldn't help myself LOL I ordered mine online from a vintage store that I can't remember the name of , sorry ! My dress is from Forever 21 and my earrings are from Honey B Gold( which broke the next day smh) I wouldn't recommend purchasing major jewelry from it'll honestly be a waste so I'm just helping you/ It looks so nice but sucked. I actually ordered them from Karmaloop.
Now my favorite part of this look is my hair ! I loved my hair feel like it really made this look complete. My hair is all natural. To achieve this look I blow dried my hair and did wand curls. (about 6 parts all round and 6 big curls) this look did not take long to achieve because my hair was already blow dried prior to the curls. Now, I live in Miami and this style only lasted 2 days. Its not winter right now so that's why it doesn't last and why I don't recommend this for an everyday look while its hot outside. I honestly don't recommend blow drying a lot IF you want 2 keep your natural curl pattern. That's why for this style I used the motions curly 2 straight line.(I wanted 2 keep my curls LOL) You get the full affect of your hair being super straight when you flat iron it so I do recommend you straighten your hair after blow drying it. When it gets really cold down here in Miami, (if it does LOL) I will do a video on how 2 achieve this look !
This is what you need lol
Remember: Theres nothing wrong with going back in time,switching up your style, and adding a little heat 2 your hair ! Embrace & Enjoy, different.