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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Floating While Dreaming

Allow me to introduce to you rapper Pell.

At the age of 21 residing from New Orleans he creates his signature in his ways of Southern singjaying and smooth yet intriguing rap flow.
With works like "Floating while dreaming"  and songs like "Dollar Store" "Runaway"
you get to go through the rappers life and experience through his melodies and  skillful flow.
I enjoy his sound and I have been hooked to every song.
He reminds me of Artist's  "Chance the rapper" and "Kid Cudi" but keep calm he is worth listening to.
I feel like Pell is here to stay he's bringing something fresh and new with his style its intriguing.

"I like to consider my music above-ground."

The rapper recently tweeted

The Nola bred rapper is definitely making his mark with his unique sound can Hip-Hop be ready for this ?

Check out some of my favorites by him & more below ! Comment and tell me what you think !