Me Me Me

Friday, August 28, 2015


Recently I did a collaboration with the online store JAZZYBELLE, in the photos below I'm rocking the "Gold" sneaker which you can find in stock right now! This is my favorite collaboration of all time because of what JAZZYBELLE represents.
JAZZYBELLE represents woman who embrace their individuality and woman who aren't afraid to be bold 
I feel like JAZZYBELLE represents me.
I'm not afraid to wear what I want, say what I want and do what I want.
I think I'm pretty Jazzy.

For the "Gold" sneakers I thought I'd wear something sporty.
I love wearing all black with a pop of color, my lip color is gunner by MAC.
My black leather visor is an old purchase from Forever 21 
Be Bold
Be Free
Most importantly be you.
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