Me Me Me

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Going Indicud

A few weeks ago my boyfriend deceided to make my day and suprised me with tickets to the kid cudi concert ! I was so excited because if you know me, then you know I love Kid Cudi. His latest album is called Indicud so I decided to name my outfit after his album. I know, corny right ? but oh well ! Before I talk about my outfit I shall say Kid Cudi really outdid me with his Custome space suit designed by Hollywood costume designer Jose Hernandez. Its not your typical T-shirt and jeans and I think thats what made me love him even more. This costume was a Great choice for the man on the moon.
Now the moment we've all been waiting for ! Lets go "Indicud"
My look was simple and sporty, I mean it was a concert. You wouldnt believe how much my outfit cae up to. I spent a total of $15.00 H&M Was having an additional 50% off sale items. The jersey blouse was $20 which turned into $10.00 My 1994 skirt was $10.00 which then turned into $5.00 how amazing is that ? Thanks H&M for being a life saver.
I usually wear my natural hair but wanted 2 try the whole french btaids look and I fell in love. I felt like it actually went with my hwole outfit overall. Also my purse is from forever 21 but I bought that like 2 years ago. this was the best outfit for the best night to go indicud. don't you agree ?