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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Bloggers Closet

Today I'm going to give you a quick re-cap of last nights event "Bloggers Closet" presented by  fashion blogger herself Lynnette Joselly. At bloggers closet you were able to shop from at least 6 different Miami fashion bloggers closet in a a cute & small  spaced salon called Eména Spa in Design District. There were yummy treats served  by Dêja-vu sweets and Athena's Kitchen. I have to say that this was a pretty clever concept being able to shop from a fashion bloggers closet with great music and some treats Ha ! I see no wrong in that. There was also a raffle for giveaways and a cute photo booth, who doesn't enjoy taking pics? This was my 1st time attending anything like this and for my 1st time the experience was dope  ! The music choice was poppin and the vibe was Nice. I actually loved this concept so much I wish I knew more ahead of time , look I have a few nice things to sell myself !

Lynnette during the raffle

Me enjoying a cupcake by 
There's this saying that people in the fashion industry are harsh which is true but not 100% true ! Last night definitely had some genuine laid back bloggers and designers. I happen to click with one of them the most and that's Veronica from 

This girl is on point she greeted me with great energy and she had the most to sell ! She's pretty quick and already picked out some things she thought I would like and that already I loved about her. (As a stylist I feel it's important to notice a persons style and be able to recognize what they'd like) Her sale was so rad when I heard her say "3 for $25" I was like.... Best believe I picked out 3 of my favorite items that I can't wait to wear, that'll be another blog post :) 

All in all I met other people too who I can't wait to see and work with in the future ! 

Me, @jenitcs, and @jendayi_design who was a sponsor for the event! (These are their Instagram accounts) 

Last but not least someone I didn't get a chance to connect with that much but who has caught my attention greatly is Sharly of

Sharly's selfie from Bloggers Closet 

I know her more by  modeststylish on Instagram and her outfit was in my opinion the BEST ! She came wearing all white from head to toe ! I've always wanted to try all white but this girl killed it !  I found her twitter and Instagram and fell in love with her I'm hoping to really get a chance to get to know her and what inspires her style. I'm so in love with her look that I was even hoping to buy some of  her head wraps or  scarves unfortunately she didn't have any on sale. She has mentioned on twitter how she'll be selling some things online and I will be purchasing ! Sharly has become my new style inspiration so far for 2014. So please be on the look out and how I interpret some of her style ideas ! I'm so happy I came to Bloggers closet and she's one of the many  reasons why ! I hope I can go to more events like this I mean you never know who'll you meet :) 

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