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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Bow Tie Kids

Fashion For Kids With A Twist !

Licensed therapist Kiwani Tapper came up with cutest idea of launching The Bowtie Kids not just as a clothing line for kids but to also serve a purpose kids. Kiwani has the special pleasure of working with special needs. with every Bow design the  Bowtie kids plan raise awareness of childhood diagnoses like, down syndrome and autism. get this, Limited edition bows are created to raise more awareness of other diagnoses during its specific month. How cool is that ? Not only to mention the adorable designs are hand drawn by founder Kiwani Tapper, crafty! With a simple style, friendly faces and hand crafted bow ties; The Bowtie kids are the perfect necessity for your child's wardrobe. Check out more information and stay updated with all the wonderful things things they do for the kiddies and to shop for your kiddies check them out by clicking here