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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day

So my good friend Lamont found this beautiful spot in Tallahassee. 
Inspired by Italy it is so romantic we couldn't help shooting here.
This would be perfect spot for a valentines day dinner.
Here is my V-Day inspired Look:

Fringe Is Everything Honey 

My Fedora is from Forever 21
My Fringe jacket is Thrifted 
My Bustier one piece is from Forever 21
My vintage skirt is from Gemini Vintage
Hot Rollers Do Wonders
 Maybe its just me but but for some reason curls are always 
 my go to for valentines day. I think they're just so romantic !
I wore a light pink matte and dark brown lip liner.

I Really Feel like I'm In Italy 

I added my studded boots for an edgy look I don't recall where they're from they were a gift. 

Enjoy Your Valentines Day, In Style Of Course !

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