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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another day of floral & timbs

Just recently I purchased this sheer floral cardigan from forever 21 for 22.80 apart of the new  "Feminine"  collection. I am so in love with it ! 

Now I must admit it I am secretly in love with floral, wait well since I just told you its not a sceret anymore! 
I put this outfit  together for school in a matter of seconds ! 
I decided to pair this look up simply with a nude turtle neck.
Stockings: H&M 9.99
Shorts: An old Forver 21 purchase 
I just had to throw on the timbs! 

Gold Cuff Chain:  -SALE 6.99
Gold link chain: Forever 21 -5.80

Lately I have been too busy with school and work to tend to my hair. Being natural my ahir juts requires some extra work and honey I just be too tired ! So often throughout the week I 've been keeping it in a high bun.

 This high bun has become my go 2 protective style as well, being that my hair has been out a lot its time 4 a break.


  If you didn't notice  I'm holding a small pouch that says "SORRY we're MOBBING" from Married to the Mob x Urban outfitters. Last time I checked it sold out :(
I Just realized spring has started and I think this floral print is perfect for the season.

Thanks 4 checking out my outfit of the day ! I hope it inspires you this season.
Continue Mobbin !
xoxo, LeeLee