Me Me Me

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Everything Is Purple

Someone got a little creative within 5 minutes.

I love the color purple and wanted to wear different shades of it, well I tried to.
This look was inspired by the preppy style but I added the sneakers to give it a little urban twist.
I wanted 2 create more then just a look I wanted the whole scene to be far from ordinary.
My blue is skirt from H&M was on sale for $15.00 but that was 2 years ago 
My Jordans were a gift I don't even know the name of these lol excuse me I'm not a Sneaker Junkie unless I personally want the shoes.

I decided to take the way I pose to another level while still focusing on what I'm wearing. I chose a a very simple spot thinking that a white background would do me justice for the colors.

My shirt is Thrifted by someone else.
Blue/Gold Necklace: H&M
Clear/Silver Diamond chain: H&M 
Gold Cuff chain: SALE: 6.99
My 1 of a Kind Lion earrings are from: ON SALE NOW 4 $25.00
These earrings came from Italy and didn't take long and I live in Miami. It was cutely packed in a small black & white Gwaan signature bag. They look even better in person and I am in love!
I highly recommend them to any one who wants unique pieces.
Lips: MAC Candy Yum Yum

I hope this look inspires you to try new things and be more creative.
Have fun wearing what you love its another form of self expression.