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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Janelle Monae Made Me Do It

Some People Talk About Ya

 Thanks to my great friend the wardrobe stylist Ash Chin
who came up with the idea to do a photo shoot inspired by my favorite person in the world and that Janelle Monae. We teamed up again with my favorite photographer Wilna Of Creative Fame Photo and my amazing MUA & Hairstylist Goldie. This will definitely have people talking !

Like they know all about ya

Ash with her great connects was able to get the wonderful and talented Nikki Billie Jean 2 grace me with her amazing Bow Ties ! I am now honored to be featured on her blog:
and I've been added to her store because honey whether you're high or low this is not your basic black bow tie. Check it out !: 
Big shouts out to Nikki For also making this edit of 1 of the photos taken by Creative Fame.

We Getting Funky on the scene ! 

One thing about Janelle that inspires me is her style and personality which are both oh so timeless
Top & Pants Thrifted
Shoes : Forever 21 Sale 10.99

Slayed & Laid

 Special thanks 2 Goldie for slaying my hair and make up that day !
You can find her on instagram: @goldieroc
Thanks 2 Wilna for the amazing shots, you never cease to amaze me.
Book CreativeFame here:

When you get elevated they love it or they hate it 

 You Gotta Tip On The Tightrope !

Special thanks 2 Ash for putting this all together.
check out more of her amazing work here:

Kisses  2 all who check out my blog postings.
I enjoy sharing my style with you all and I hope that I inspire you  like Janelle Monae inspired me.
Embrace your style and like Janelle said  "They trying to take all your dreams, but you cant allow it."
Don't let anyone or anything block you from dreams.
xoxo, LeeLee