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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A.S.A.P. Rockin

My A.S.A.P Rocky Inspired look

I love A.S.A.P. Rocky and that's my  problem. lately Ive been obsessing over the  Harlem rappers sense of style . There's just something about the way he puts things together and I just love it.  A lot of people have been bashing Rocky 4 his choice of clothing like him wearing a dress....well I really don't care and i actually like what he wore and don't consider him  gay because of it, trust me he isn't the only rapper sporting this look.
Anyways I was very much inspired by his look and decided to recreate it. 
Blazer:  Veronica of
Top: U.N.I.F. Big fat zero jersey size medium on sale 19.99 Urban Outfitters original price: 50.00
Leather Tights: Cotton On 
Corduroy shorts: throwback store called  Rave 
Shoes: Alicia keys x Reebok sneaker wedges

I honestly feel way more sexy wearing baggy or loose clothes.

Hair, Hair, Hair 

My hair was a 3 day old wash and go here's what  I used:

 I'm also rockin my favorite lip color called cyber by MAC

There will be more looks inspired by rocky and.... oh you'll just have 2 wait and see !

A.S.A.P. Get Like Me  

One thing I like about rocky is that he isn't afraid 2 wear what he wants even if people call it "Gay" in my opinion there is  no such thing ! Don't ever be afraid 2 express your style and don't let society control what you think. I think its crazy how SEXY I find myself in these clothes, ladies should never feel the need to only wear tight form fitting clothes.
Just because I like baggy/loose close doesn't mean I'm gay or a dike, I'm just comfortable & confident.
Be confident in what you wear !