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Friday, May 23, 2014

Fashion Happy Hour 1 Year Anniversary

Fashion Happy Hour Recap 

On April 27th at the Catalina Hotel In Miami Beach Fashion Happy Hour celebrated their 1 year anniversary . Guess who was invited as a special guest ? That's right me!
I was invited by Valentina Leon who has been working hard with Creating fashion happy hour; bringing together many Miami fashion blogger, vendors and designers together. within this event there's a segment called styled by bloggers; fashion bloggers are given 1 of the Dama doll models and have to style them using what is provide by participating vendors. 
I wore a jumper from Forever 21( 22.80) and my simple gold cuff necklace from Urban outfitters.
This outfit was perfect for the setting in this Miami Heat !


alongside from mingling with fashion bloggers in between sips of cold voli vodka drinks,
my favorite part of this event was being able 2 style.
I got a chance 2 express my sense of style on someone else.
Model : Zephanie & Me 
After a crazy hunt in my heels I finally found the perfect look 4 Zephanie

Zephanie is wearing the Mare Dolce 2 piece swim cover up
I made it look like its 1 piece by tucking in the cardigan like top inside the shorts that had a string to tie around.

I love the color black yet I love to play with colors. I requested  a high messy bun then added these statement pieces by Katherine Cordero.
These by far are the best hand made jewelery I've ever seen ! 
Katherine personally put these earrings on me; theyre super light yet super friece. 
4 more of Katherine's work Click here 

There were no black heels available like I would prefer  but the nude shoes  were perfect as well.
I loved this outfit so much that I purchased it right off my model !
To find out more about Mare Dolce's collection click  here 

The scenery was perfect for this event and I over loved the runway being in the pool. 
I got a chance to introduce myself and explain my sense of style as Zephanie walked down the runway.

All in all this was was 1 of the best fashion events I've ever been to and it was such a blessing to be personally apart of it !
The experience was great I love that I was able to express my style to
many others and then I met great people who are all like me,
they love fashion! 
Valentina did a wonderful job putting this all together!
to find out more info click Fashion Happy Hour Miami